Top Five Places to Travel in 2018

In less than a month a new year will be upon us and with that the promise of new adventures and places to see.  I have never been a fan of New Years Resolutions because I find I’m never able to complete them and really lack motivation.  But who doesn’t have the motivation to complete a travel list?! Below is my list of five places I am hoping to see within the next year and places I think you should definitely consider adding to yours!


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So technically this place shouldn’t be on my list because I have been here many many times before…BUT… this country ranks in my top three favorite places of all time and even though I’ve been there before there are still things  I have yet to do. The beaches are beautiful white sand and water so clear it looks like glass in some places or the most beautiful aqua blue in others.  The island is only a little over 20 miles long making it easy to get around and see everything on your list.  From shopping in the main town of Hamilton to exploring the crystal caves there is something for everyone!




I have a life goal of visiting every continent (including Antarctica) at least once and I cannot think of a better place to check off Africa than Morocco.  The building colors and architecture are not something you can find here in the States and the history is something all its own.  This is the place to go for a totally new cultural learning experience.  From metropolitan cities to remote desert camps this country has something for everyone to love.

Anticipated Travel Date – March 2018

Costa Rica


(Air Transat)

This is a country that I have been dying to visit for years!  I love the mix of forest and beach so you can spend the morning zip lining and adventuring through the trees and the afternoon relaxed on the beach.  Now while I am not a fan of bugs and spiders (and this country has plenty of both) I think I can get past it in exchange for the gorgeous views and spending some quality time with some monkeys.

Dominican Republic



The DR has been a country on every travel bloggers Instagram and websites this year and they have had nothing but amazing things to say about it and the pictures look INCREDIBLE! The Dominican Republic is similar to Costa Rica with its mix of beach and forest and the cities have such an incredible history with buildings dating back five centuries in the city capital of Santo Domingo.  I love a good adventure and this seems like the country to really step outside my comfort box and try some new things.



(World Travel Guide)

Living in the States I feel like it is a requirement to visit Canada and I mean with views like this who wouldn’t want to visit?! I love hiking and being out in total uninhabited nature and this seems like a hikers dream.  If hiking and nature are not your thing there are also tons of metropolitan cities with different influences depending on which province you choose to visit.  For me this is at the top of my must visit list!

What countries are at the top of your bucket list for the coming year? Let me know in the comments!