Eight Must Have Travel Beauty Products

Traveling provides the opportunity to explore and experience so many positives around the world that you normally would not get to experience.  However, with travel also comes jet lag skin, chapped lips, and the oily leftover sunscreen residue all in your pores.  To combat the gross side effects of 16-hour plane rides or a day spent in the scorching sun here are my top eight favorite products to help you feel refreshed and have skin that glows!

11536492_Alt01Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes

I am a huge make-up lover but also incredibly lazy and I don’t always feel like going through an entire face washing routine especially if I’ve been on a long flight or running around a new city all day.  These face wipes are a huge life saver for those lazy nights.  These are the first face wipes where I feel truly clean and refreshed after using them and they get all my makeup off in only a few swipes.

Check them out HERE

mia_1_electric-pink_800x800pixelsClarisonic Mia 2

For nights when I work up the energy to deep cleanse my face or I’m taking a “treat yo self” shower I love using my Clarisonic.  I love this brush because it vibrates which I feel really gets my face wash into my pores to get a better clean.  The best part about this brush is while you wash you’re timed so you don’t spend too much time on one place.  A travel case is included to make taking it on the road that much easier!

Check it out HERE

H00000002_490Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

To accompany my Clarisonic I have begun using this amazing cleanser.  I have incredibly dry and sensitive skin which means I struggle to find cleansers that don’t make my skin feel like the Sahara or is too sensitive and really doesn’t clean my face.  I feel like this cleanser is the perfect medium to being great for my sensitive skin but cleaning off the days impurities.  My skin feels soft and clean afterwards even before I apply any moisturizer.

Check it out HERE

13904014Simple Replenishing Moisturizer

As I have mentioned before I have incredibly dry skin that also breaks out easily and before Simple moisturizers it was impossible for me to find a moisturizer that didn’t cause my face to feel greasy.  I love this moisturizer because it feels light and a little bit of product goes a long way so one battle lasts a long time!  The formula also leaves out dyes, perfumes, and other skin irritants making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Check it out HERE

11054496-1418988878-974708First Aid Ultra Repair Cream

There are times when regular moisturizer just won’t do the trick or certain places on your face or body that require something a little stronger.  This lotion has a much thicker consistency than Simple moisturizer and really nourishes those dry, cracked spots.  I can put just a dab of this on a problem spot before bed and wake up to a smooth, renewed skin.  This lotion is thick and I would not recommend using it as an everyday moisturizer.

Check it out HERE

2255445Peter Thomas Roth Firm X

Constant travel can cause your skin to look and feel dry and give it an uneven texture.  I hated using loofahs since they hold bacteria so easily and I feel only cause more breakouts.  I love using this gel instead!  I use just a quarter size dollop and rub it on my face and instantly I see the dead skin being sloughed off.  My skin looks so much brighter and feels much softer after just one use!

Check it out HERE

Brazilian Bum Bum CreanBrazilian Bum Bum Cream

I love a beach vacation as much as the next person but I struggle sometimes showing off my apparent stretch marks and cellulite dimples.  While this cream is no miracle worker, when using I noticed a visible difference in my marks and dimples and found them to be much less noticeable (and the lotion smells AMAZING!).

Check it out HERE

15115810EOS Lip Balm

Whether in the sun or the snow lips being chapped and burned can be a huge issue when traveling around.  I love this lip balm for how nourished the formula makes my lips feel even hours after use and I find the shape better for application.  And once you’ve used all the balm you can use the packaging to hold earring or liquid makeup when you travel!

Check it out HERE


Were there any of your favorite products that I left off this list? Let me know in the comments!

This post contains only my own opinions but does contain some affiliate links.