A First Timer’s Guide to Seattle Washington

Growing up in the hot and sunny Southeast United States I had always pictured The Pacific North West as a dreary and cold area (at least that’s how it looked in Grey’s Anatomy and 50 Shades of Grey). Visiting for the first time I discovered that couldn’t have been farther from the truth (though definitely…

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The Ultimate Planning Guide for your Cruise

If there is one mode of travel transport that I am most familiar with it is cruising! The ease of hoping on a ship and being able to travel around both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean makes cruising one of my favorite (and easiest) ways to see the world! The ease of having your meals, lodging,…

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The Ultimate Guide to Having a Stress Free First Flight

Flying for the first time can be incredibly stressful and a bit scary. It can be hard preparing for something when you don’t know what to expect or how to make it to your destination on time and stress free. Whether your flight is just an hour to hop to a new city or a…

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