My name is Christine and I am a 23-year-old full time graduate student based in Georgia and a part time world explorer.  I learned to walk at the same time I was taking my first international flight.  I fell in love with the white sand beaches and crystal clear water of beaches a plane ride away.

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I traveled on small vacations and was able to appreciate visiting somewhere new but it wasn’t until I did my study abroad in Waterford, Ireland the summer before my junior year of college that I truly fell in love with traveling.  There was something about spending more than a few days in a new country that gave me a new appreciation for traveling.  I loved the me I got to be during that experience and I have been chasing that feeling on every trip since.  Long story short my love for travel has only grown and I am so excited to share this passion project and amazing experiences.  I hope you these posts and pictures allow for inspiration for you to go out and have adventures of your own!

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