A Weekend at the DeSoto Hotel – Savannah

There is nothing my sister needed more than a quick weekend getaway post-finals. While I am the first person to head out the door to destination far far away there is something so calming and peaceful about taking a trip that’s close(ish) to home and Savannah was the perfect spot for such a trip.

In the heart of Historic Savannah and only a short 20-minute drive away from Tybee Beach is the gorgeous DeSoto Hotel.  This hotel is perfect for a food and drink tour through the surrounding city (with a bit of history thrown in) or a home base for wandering to the various islands and beaches near by.


The rooms at the DeSoto Hotel provided all the luxury of a high-end hotel at a reasonable price point.  My sister and I stayed in one of the balcony suites facing out onto the city and the pool area. Our room boasted the usual hotel fare with two queen beds, desk, and comfy chair ( not pictured because my sister and I had already put our stamp on the room by the time I started taking pictures and no one wants to see our contained mess).

The bathrooms was clean and held all the necessities as well as a few luxuries including the amazing shower that I was ready to move into!  My favorite part of the room had to be our balcony with it’s incredible view of the city.  While I have a bit of a fear of heights even I was able to enjoy the stunning views offered by our balcony.




Opened in 1890 on the grounds of the Oglethorpe Barracks the DeSoto Hotel (having had numerous renovations since its opening day) now boasts 245 guestrooms ranging from the regular relaxing room to plush top floor suites with amazing views.

The hotel also housed two delicious restaurants the 1540 Room and Edgar’s Proof and Provision  both of which were full each night with guests of the hotel and members of the community there for a well-dressed celebration.  While my sister and I were unable to visit either during our quick stay the happy faces leaving each night were enough review for me to see them as a delicious spot for a meal.  There was also a grab and go café near the elevators which was perfect for a coffee on the way out to explore or a delicious late night snack.

In the middle of the hotel was a luxurious pool space (though sadly since it was mid-December during our visit it was a bit too cold for a dip in the water).  There were also multiple conference spaces and seating areas scattered about the first floor  The hotel also had an amazing valet service who were always smiling when we visited them and were quick to grab my car anytime my sister and I were headed out to explore outside the Historic section of Savannah.

(There are also numerous reports of this hotel being haunted and while my sister and I did not experience any ghostly visitors there have been many other guests who have had an extra guest check into their rooms with them)


The DeSoto Hotel is located in the heart of the Historic section of Savannah, meaning that walking to get lunch is a history tour in itself.  The Savannah River and the infamous River Street are only a few blocks walk from the hotel and should you wish to explore some of the amazing dining options outside of the hotel there are dozens of amazing restaurants and bars located within walking distance(a more in depth post about this coming soon).

If history is not really your thing then just a short 20 minute drive will have you on gorgeous Tybee Island and easy access (and parking) to Tybee Beach.  The beach is any beach lovers dream.  All but one hotel are not right on the beach so there is plenty of open space and even in winter the beach is beautiful and perfect for enjoying a lovely sunset.


This post is in no way sponsored by the DeSoto Hotel or it’s parent company Sotherly Hotels.  All opinions and commentary are my own.