A Foodie’s Guide to Seattle

To eat in Seattle is to eat some amazing staples with fun twists and amazing homemade ingredients.  The amount of amazing places to eat is unending but here is a list of my top favorites from my first trip to Seattle. Let me know in the comments places I should add!

R-Rated Breakfast – Biscuit Bitch


There is nothing I love more than breakfast foods.  Its the only meal that combines salty and savory so what’s not to love!  Going to Seattle I had heard from everyone that the best place for breakfast was Biscuit Bitch.  This restaurant brings some delicious southern cooking to the Pacific Northwest.  The menu has a variety of yummy breakfast items to eat (including gluten free and vegetarian items).  I’m sure the name is a giveaway but fair warning you’re not leaving this store without hearing at least a dozen curse words so maybe leave the young ones at the hotel for this meal.  With three locations (including one conveniently up the street from Pike Place Market) there is no way to miss the delicious southern cooking with a side of snark.  Its impossible not to leave with a full stomach and a smile.

Quirky Landmarks – Unicorn & Narwhal

When I go anywhere I love to find somewhere so unique to that particular place and I was able to find it at Unicorn & Narwhal.  Even the name is unique!   This bar is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and walking in the door is like stepping into a crazy carnival.  On street level is the Unicorn part of the bar and from the decor to the fun drinks (I got a unicorn jizz and it tasted like yummy fruit juice with a nice kick) you can’t help but relax and want to let loose.  Unicorn also has some yummy food that pairs perfectly with their fun drinks.  I highly recommend the Narwhal balls (basically just friend mashed potato balls with melted cheese. Yum!) or the poutine dog.

If you head down the stairs you’re in the second bar Narwhal. Narwhal offers the same drink menu as upstairs but while Unicorn was more of the standard bar the downstairs is a whole new world.  In this bar you have a small arcade with pin ball machines and everyone’s favorite Pac-man. This arcade also has an adult toy claw machine with a wide variety of interesting prizes.  The bar also offers trivia nights and drag shows so there’s something for everyone.  This place was definitely one of the highlights of my whole trip and is a must see!

Delicious Drinks – Starbucks Reserve

Even the occasional Starbucks drinker knows that the home base for the delicious coffee is in Seattle.  While visiting the first Starbucks is a very cool experience I have to say visiting the reserve was way way cooler.  I had never been somewhere remotely like the Starbucks reserve.  They had a whole host of delicious coffee drinks (all different from your standard Starbucks) and if you’re anything like me and coffee isn’t for you don’t worry they also had a full service bar filled with delicious local wines,  beers, and mixed drinks. The baristas are also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to downtown Seattle so if you want any extra recommendations just ask them! The last two places on this list were recommended by a barista.

Best Kept Secret – Ristorante Machiavelli

After chatting with my bar tender at the Starbucks Reserve I was told Ristorante Machiavelli had the best Italian food in Seattle. Naturally I had to go and find out for myself. On the outside Machiavelli’s looks like your standard tiny restaurant and bar with room for thirty people on a good day. What Machiavelli’s lacks in space it makes up for in delicious Italian staples. Everything tasted homemade and delightfully fresh

I can vouch for how incredible the chicken parmigiana is (it was so good I had eaten half of it before I thought about taking a picture. Thankfully my friend was better about documenting her meal)! I’m not usually a fan of tomato based sauces but I was converted with that meal! My friend also fell in love with their Alfredo pasta (pictured below). The portions are quite large too so go hungry or be prepared to share with your date.

Dinner with a Twist – By the Pound

If you’re looking for a quick grab and go meal this is the place for you.  By the pound is a seemingly standard delicatessen (with some phenomenal women working behind the counter.  Seriously they could have their own comedy show).  The menu is your standard sandwiches and chips but the twist comes in by walking through what looks like their freezer.  If you have some extra time It turns out the freezer is a door leading to a hidden library style bar in the back where you can enjoy your meal or sip on some yummy local wines or mixed drinks.